Jumping Tank Defender

I’ve finally finished a game, a basic arcade style shooter.
it’s in final beta testing now and then it’s off to market for a hopeful sponsorship, then to your favorite flash portal to be played.  More details soon, once the game is ready for release.

In the meantime I seriously need to revamp this page.  This WordPress page had been horribly laggy on this host, looks like the host has improved things on that end but I’ve let the site languish.  Don’t know if I want to polish up what i’ve got to something presentable or start from scratch.  I’m so bad at this whole ‘online presence’ thing.

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Game Logo

Party to Adventure
Here’s what will likely be the logo for my upcoming game.

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Game announcement!

What have I been doing since the Dr Who cartoon?  For those who have missed my production blog, I have been working on a short adventure game.  It should be released in April or May, a synopsis and screenshots follow:

Party to Adventure

In a land of heroes and dragons, a new adventure is just outside your doorstep.  But to participate in said adventure you must first be a certified member of the Adventurers’ Guild.  Non-members are ineligible to collect any rewards, loot or other paraphernalia (heretofore referred to as “drops”) related to aforementioned adventure.

Venalis is ready for a life of adventure, and luckily for him today is the monthly Adventurers’ Guild Registration Day at his local tavern.  Join Venalis and his trusty sidekick Francis as they bravely fill out the necessary paperwork and valiantly complete the beginner’s level field exam!

Links to screenshots:


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Game Production Blog

I’ve been pretty quiet on this website.  If you want to see what I’ve been up to, my tumblr  account has basically become a sort of production blog for a game I’m working on.  Check it out here.

If any interest bubbles up here (leave comments!) I’ll start cross-posting things here as well.


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Dr Who Cartoon

Finally finished it, it’s up on Newgrounds now.

See it here!

I’ll have a YouTube version up soon and one for the site.

Hope you all enjoy, this one has been a long time coming.

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New cartoon almost done.

Most of the work is done, the animation is completed, sound effects are implimented and I’ve made a title/loading sequence.

Still need to make an ending screen and get the music done (the extra couple days for the music will totally be worth it) but then it’ll be ready to go.  With any luck it’ll be up this weekend.

Original Post
I’ve got a fairly short list of things to finish for the Dr Who cartoon, and a day off tomorrow with with to complete it.

 – Impliment Music
– Impliment Sound Effects
– Animate an explosion
– Create Loading/Title Screen
– Create Ending Screen

 And then I think I’m done, at least with the Newgrounds version, then it’s time to encode it into a video for the YouTubes. To make myself feel productive I’ll try to make a point of updating my status here as a countdown of sorts.

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I’ve had this Zazzle store with some T-shirts floating around for a while and never linked it here.  So I’ve added a link on the top navigation bar.  So far there’s only three designs, but I’m hoping to make more.

Also, I’ve added some thumbnails and a clumsily made table to the Cartoons page so all of you can see that web-design is not my thing.  But at least it helps clarify which cartoon is which.

Also, I think I’ve finally managed to get some basic spam-blocking to stop the comments and the forum from getting overrun.  If it lasts well enough I may finally give the forum a few graphics or something to differentiate it from the default settings.

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Sketch cards!

for those of you who don’t follow my tumblr or twitter feeds I’ve done a few new sketch cards:

Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble:

Mint Berry Crunch from South Park:

Samus Aran and the baby Metroid:

And finally, Elder Cunningham from the Book of Mormon musical:

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Doctor Update

I’ve updated the character designs so they now have hands.
As is probably fairly obvious, these are for a new cartoon.  All the voice recording has been completed, it’s just a matter of finishing up the animation.  Should be ready to release fairly soon!

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The Doctors are in

Still toiling away at various projects.  Here’s a peek at what I’m working on now:

11 Doctors

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