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New Cartoon: Tetris Mafia

Just uploaded a new cartoon to Newgrounds and YouTube, check it out! For any newcomers here from those videos, stop by the forum and say hi! More thorough post tomorrow when I’m more awake.  

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A game of levers and fulcrums

  Last week I finally got a chance to run a game of the Leverage RPG based on the show of the same name.   For any of you unfamiliar with the show it’s a fairly light-hearted heist show along … Continue reading

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New Forum

The old forum had pretty much crashed and burned.  It’d been completely taken over by spambots and after salvaging it, although existing users could post it wouldn’t accept any new users. So I’ve installed a new one from scratch, feel … Continue reading

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I’ve been mad at myself for not updating anything or having any sort of online presence lately.  So I figure I need to not be afraid to just post STUFF.  Doesn’t haven’t to be a finished cartoon.  I draw all … Continue reading

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Here’s a little teaser of one of the next shorts I’m working on.  

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New Cartoon! “Webisodes”

Finally, after over two years, I’ve published a new cartoon! The Newgrounds version of it can be found here! You can also see it from the Cartoons tab, but it’s cutting off the sides on this particular blog theme, I’ll … Continue reading

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Why no cartoons?

I just got my first real reply post to the blog. I’ve gotten several other posts but they’ve all been incomprehensible spam.  Kinda clever actually, the link is in the username, while the post itself is something like “You made … Continue reading

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I just found a retro-styled RPG game on X-Box Live called “Cthulhu Saves the World.”   This is just one of those things that, regardless of whether it is good or bad, is completely review proof.  Not unlike “Plants vs … Continue reading

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Armor panels are the new pockets

A new era in DC Comics has begun! Or so they say. The short simple version is that DC is performing a huge marketing push, resetting all of their books to #1 and changing many many books entirely. The way … Continue reading

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When A Show Stumbles

Ahoy, Captain!  Spoilers off the port bow! When any show (or any form of entertainment media) lasts long enough, it will eventually reach a point where it can’t keep up the momentum and stumbles.  Depending on the show this can … Continue reading

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