New cartoon almost done.

Most of the work is done, the animation is completed, sound effects are implimented and I’ve made a title/loading sequence.

Still need to make an ending screen and get the music done (the extra couple days for the music will totally be worth it) but then it’ll be ready to go.  With any luck it’ll be up this weekend.

Original Post
I’ve got a fairly short list of things to finish for the Dr Who cartoon, and a day off tomorrow with with to complete it.

 – Impliment Music
– Impliment Sound Effects
– Animate an explosion
– Create Loading/Title Screen
– Create Ending Screen

 And then I think I’m done, at least with the Newgrounds version, then it’s time to encode it into a video for the YouTubes. To make myself feel productive I’ll try to make a point of updating my status here as a countdown of sorts.

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