When A Show Stumbles

Ahoy, Captain!  Spoilers off the port bow!

When any show (or any form of entertainment media) lasts long enough, it will eventually reach a point where it can’t keep up the momentum and stumbles.  Depending on the show this can be a slight hiccup and it will resume being awesome after a very short time or for other shows it can be a disasterous fall from which it can never recover.  Thing is, it’s always hard to tell what exactly you’re looking at as it happens.

Currently I feel like I’m watching one of these stumbles in Torchwood: Miracle Day.  There’s plenty I’ve enjoyed this season, but I still feel it’s a huge step back from the steadily increasing quality the show has had so far.  I feel season four is pretty much on par with much of the first two seasons.

We’re still one episode away from the show being completed, and it may completely change everything, but at this point I sort of doubt it, and it won’t change the fact that there have been a few total stinker scenes in this season so far.

My biggest problem is that so much of it feels like filler.  The third season did a great job as a five episode serial, and for the fourth it feels they would’ve done better to keep it at five episodes rather than balloon it out to ten for a story that doesn’t really seem to stretch that far.

The show keeps introducing plot points only to forget them two scenes later, and after a while I’m losing my faith that any new points introduced are going to be relevant.

For isntance, the entire storyline of Oswald Danes feels like it has no bearing on the core story.  The main intriguing factor about it has been the question of how it is going to tie in to everything else, but with only one episode to go, it feels like the answer is going to simply be that it doesn’t. The Souless cult has only gotten a single reference after their introduction.  After Angelo spent an entire epsidoe to be setup as a potential big-bad or at least major player, he was simply there to provide the next clue and an “I win” button for Jack to use in the finale.  Esther’s sister has only been there to make the viewer cry, and to give Esther a reason to screw up so we can be happy for her when she gets her act together.  Six episodes setting up Phicorp as the big bad only to have Ernie Hudson show up and say “Nope, not me, I’m as confused as you.”

There’s just so much filler!  I’m still eagerly awaiting the finale to see how the Torchwood gang and their pet rapist can manage to defeat the giant underground stone vagina vaccum armed only with Gwen’s gumption and Jack’s feminine wiles but I really feel like I’m only really just watching to see if another Star Trek alumn will show up out of nowehere.

I mean really, Q heading the CIA is a lot of fun.  It’s always more amusing if you mentally insist that they’re the same characters as they were before.  Just like how River Song used to be an ER doctor at County General.

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