Game announcement!

What have I been doing since the Dr Who cartoon?  For those who have missed my production blog, I have been working on a short adventure game.  It should be released in April or May, a synopsis and screenshots follow:

Party to Adventure

In a land of heroes and dragons, a new adventure is just outside your doorstep.  But to participate in said adventure you must first be a certified member of the Adventurers’ Guild.  Non-members are ineligible to collect any rewards, loot or other paraphernalia (heretofore referred to as “drops”) related to aforementioned adventure.

Venalis is ready for a life of adventure, and luckily for him today is the monthly Adventurers’ Guild Registration Day at his local tavern.  Join Venalis and his trusty sidekick Francis as they bravely fill out the necessary paperwork and valiantly complete the beginner’s level field exam!

Links to screenshots:

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