Armor panels are the new pockets

A new era in DC Comics has begun!

Or so they say. The short simple version is that DC is performing a huge marketing push, resetting all of their books to #1 and changing many many books entirely. The way they’re presenting it, every single book has been canceled and they’re starting 52 new books all from issue #1.

This is nothing new, it’s just more expansive than usual.

Plenty of people have talked at length about the business and creative ramifications of such a move and I don’t really care to get into that right now. One thing about the whole relaunch jumps out at me as interesting for the most arbitrary reasons:

Most of the DC cast has been redesigned by Jim Lee.

This is exactly what happened back when I first got into comics in the 90s. Jim Lee had redesigned most of the X-Men cast with snazzy new up to date duds, completely different body types and, most importantly, superfluous pockets! Cyclops had a set of Utility Suspenders loaded with pockets which I don’t recall ever seeing him use. Jean Grey had huge pockets on her hips, why? Who knows!?

But this time around, the arbitrary addition to everyone’s costumes are armored panels.

You could argue endlessly on why Superman needs body armor. He’s Superman after all, but of course even no-name thugs seem to have ready access to kryptonite so I can give it a pass. However some of the armor just seems superfluous.

Just like the 90s X-men pockets!

So I am now completely amusing myself by imagining all the unnecessary armor panels as pockets.  Like Batman’s knuckle armor and kneepads and Green Lantern’s plated mask and shoulder armor.

Batman with pockets Green Lantern with pockets

I am so easily amused sometimes.


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