Why no cartoons?

I just got my first real reply post to the blog.

I’ve gotten several other posts but they’ve all been incomprehensible spam.  Kinda clever actually, the link is in the username, while the post itself is something like “You made a number of good points there. I did a search on the theme and found the majority of persons will go along with with your blog.” (I’ve gotten that exact post from 3 different screen names.)

Anyway, not surprisingly the post, and several e-mails I’ve gotten, are asking if I plan on making more cartoons.  The short answer is yes.

Unfortunately my tablet laptop exploded, so I’ve been without means to produce cartoons for some time.

No seriously, it exploded, sorta my fault though.  The power switch broke, so I took it apart to fix it, put it back together and must have put one of the screws in the wrong place because when I turned it on there was a flash and a pop from inside, and smoke started pouring out.


The good news is that I’ve been working on different means of producing the graphics by hand and I think I’ve finally found one I’m happy with, so I’m trying to produce something new as we speak.  I’m starting with a nearly finished cartoon I was working on when I lost the laptop. it’s just been sitting unfinished for over two years, mocking me with it’s increasingly outdated pop-culture references.

Once I do that I hope to work on something new.  I’m trying to draw the art by hand and it’s completely nervewracking (where’s the undo button for my india ink!?) but turning out rather nicely so far.

I’m also writing a proper comic book, but I’m keeping pretty quiet on that for the moment.  You’ll hear more about it once it’s closer to completion.

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2 Responses to Why no cartoons?

  1. Stoltenbergen says:

    Yo – I saw your work in The Blackwell Legacy just now. Finished it in a couple of hours today.. Overall a good game, very nice way to kill some time on a sunday.

    Anyways.. Thank you for a great game and keep up the good work =)

    • wogoat says:

      Glad you liked it, I had a blast doing character designs for the Blackwell series. And if you haven’t played it yet the fourth game just came out, I didn’t do designs for that one but it’s another excellent entry in the series.

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