Welcome to Offensive to Somebody

Welcome to my new blog ‘Offensive to Somebody’ because everything is offensive to somebody.


I’ve been off the internet radar for a while now, and I’d like to get back into the swing of things.  As most of my equipment for making cartoons or videos is nonoperational at the moment, my best course of action is a blog.  That and it’s much less of an investment to make new entries so hopefully you will therefore hear from me more often.

This does not mean I don’t intend to make more videos, far from it, I’m not not able to make any currently.  Once I get everything back in working order on my side I certainly hope to produce more.

But so much has happened I need someway to comment on it!  I mean, Smallville is over!  (did anybody even remember it was still on?)  DC is rebooting everything!  (everyone loves Batman, but will this help people actually by the books?) I’m sure something is happening in X-Men, but I haven’t been reading it this year (GASP!)  and um…  something else not related to comics…


The card game Gloom now has a Cthulhu variant! (surprise surprise, it’s only a matter of time for any successful non-mainstream card game to get a Cthulhu variant)

Food related television continues to get stranger and stranger!  (yes, we apparently really needed a show about building dangerous Rube Goldberg devices to dispense food!)

And the gays are responsible for all the natural disasters in the world!  (Wait, what!?  No, it’s true, I saw it on the TV and the Twitters!)


So, yeah, so much stuff going on, I’m sure there’s plenty I could talk about.  And then there’s nostalgia for things that aren’t happening anymore, everybody loves that!


Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, or what you want to see, or why I’m doing everything wrong.  (It’s the internet, that last one is not only expected, it’s mandatory!)

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