Let’s face it, this is what you’re here for!  Most of you probably know me from my comic book parodies from a few years back, I’ve also included some other cartoon shorts I’ve done as well.  Enjoy!

Comic Book Parodies

X-Men: Death Becomes Them
X-Men: Death Becomes THem
The one that started it all! The X-Men ponder the many lives and deaths of Magneto, and each other.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix Rising
X-Men: Dark Phoenix Rising
Now that Jean is alive again she's become evil so it's time to kill her. Team C does something in Europe.

X-Men: Revisiting Profit
X-Men: Revisiting Profit
The X-Men recall a ten year old storyline for blatant marketing purposes.

Marvel Villains Assemble
Marvel Villains Assemble
The world's most feasome villains gather to discuss how to conquer their most hated enemy: fashion.

Countdown to Infinite Crisis
Countdown to Infinite Crisis
Batman is a dick.

House of M - part 1
House of M: part 1
Part 1 of the 4 part retelling of the Big Marvel Crossover of 2005

House of M - part 2
House of M: part 2
It's the gameshow event of the season when the Avengers and the X-Men compete to see who will decide the fate of the Scarlet Witch.

House of M - part 3
House of M: part 3
Wolverine wakes up in a strange new world. Everyone waits for things to happen. Emma busts her seams.

House of M - part 4
House of M: part 4
The climactic battle of everyone vs. Magneto. Meanwhile, Wanda makes babies.

Fantastic 4: Dooms' Day
Fantastic 4: Doomsday
Dr. Doom teams up with himself in order to kidnap Jessica Alba.
(featuring the voice of "Y: the Last Man" artist Pia Guerra)

X-Men: Phoenix Season
X-Men: Phoenix Season
Shi'ar forces arrive to destroy the Phoenix. Meanwhile, everyone attacks the school.


5 Responses to Cartoons

  1. Matheus says:

    Trek Trek?

  2. Olivia says:

    What about G. I. Joe?

    • wogoat says:

      Honestly, I don’t think I know G. I. Joe well enough to make a parody that would do it justice.

  3. Brandon says:

    What ever happened to Emma’s Bad Day?

    • wogoat says:

      Sadly, most of the assets for it got lost in a computer crash, I may revisit it eventually, but it’s not high on the project list at the moment. :(

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