New Cartoon: Tetris Mafia

Just uploaded a new cartoon to Newgrounds and YouTube, check it out!

For any newcomers here from those videos, stop by the forum and say hi!
More thorough post tomorrow when I’m more awake.


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A game of levers and fulcrums


Last week I finally got a chance to run a game of the Leverage RPG based on the show of the same name.


For any of you unfamiliar with the show it’s a fairly light-hearted heist show along the lines of the Oceans 11 movies or a decidedly 2000s flavoured A-Team. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it, it’s not going to change the world but it’s completely enjoyable popcorn entertainment.


Anyway, back to the game. I must say I’m rather impressed with it. The most notable aspect of the game is that, in keeping with the heist genre, there really isn’t a definitive failure state. If one of the players fails at a given task one of the other teammates can usually pick up where they left off or,(the more fun option) it can later be revealed that the failure was actually all a Part Of The Plan.


This is done by the players establishing a flashback to something that occured earlier, influencing the present. Say the team thief is unable to evade the guards and gets caught, cue a flashback to establish that the guards are on the team payroll and are just there to help the thief get where she’s going. Failure almost always turns into a significantly cooler sucess than the original sucess would have been.


The other fun part of the game is Complications. The more involved the task the players are attempting, the more dice they’ll be rolling. If they roll any 1s that becomes a Complication, these have no bearing over whether they succeed or fail, but rather introduce something that didn’t go exactly According To Plan. This can range anywhere from “sprained ankle” to “they saw my face” to “the target has mob connections.”


For both the players and the gamemaster, this is a game that is best if you enjoy thinking on your feet and being willing to change plans at a moment’s notice. For the players, you should always be on the lookout for an opportune time to explain why everything that has seemingly gone wrong is all going exactly as planed. Conversely, for the gamemaster, it’s a blast to come up with a variety of wrenches to thow at the players plans.


The game I ran took place almost entirely at a retail warehouse during the Christmas rush. My favorite flashback involved one of the players establishing that he was in fact the trainer during orientation for all of the temporary workers so everybody there knew and trusted him. The most amusing Complication occured when the team hacker re-routed a phone call from the villain to go to one of the other players, this action was sucessfull but the complication ended up causing all calls in the building to then re-route to the same player. I then found every excuse possible to have the villain call someone new, and the player getting the calls had to keep fielding all of these calls without the villain catching on that he’s talking to the same guy.


Overall the game was a sucess, though I admittently did not give enough for the team Hitter to do. This will certainly be addressed if I run any subsequent games.


I would highly recommend this game to any role-players out there who are up for a game where the storyline has the potential to completely turn on a dime and are willing to just run with it. It requires minimal prep work from the GM, but be ready to think fast to keep things moving.

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New Forum

The old forum had pretty much crashed and burned.  It’d been completely taken over by spambots and after salvaging it, although existing users could post it wouldn’t accept any new users.

So I’ve installed a new one from scratch, feel free to sign up and post.  Let me know what you think of the new format, and what you’d like to see in the future.

And, because everything is funnier with hats:
Mr L

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I’ve been mad at myself for not updating anything or having any sort of online presence lately.  So I figure I need to not be afraid to just post STUFF.  Doesn’t haven’t to be a finished cartoon.  I draw all kinds of things when I’m supposed to be working, why not post that?

For example, this is what I did last week, not quite finished, no hands yet and soforth, but you’ll get the idea:

Dr Who #11

Anybody have any fun requests for who you’d like to see in a Floating Hands style?  Post em here, inspire me!

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Here’s a little teaser of one of the next shorts I’m working on.


Mike Haggar

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New Cartoon! “Webisodes”

Finally, after over two years, I’ve published a new cartoon!

The Newgrounds version of it can be found here!
You can also see it from the Cartoons tab, but it’s cutting off the sides on this particular blog theme, I’ll have to sort that out.  I’ll also be uploading a YouTube version soon.

Hope you enjoy it, it’s a bit dated (I started it three years ago, before all my tablet broke down on me) but it holds up better that I’d expected.

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Why no cartoons?

I just got my first real reply post to the blog.

I’ve gotten several other posts but they’ve all been incomprehensible spam.  Kinda clever actually, the link is in the username, while the post itself is something like “You made a number of good points there. I did a search on the theme and found the majority of persons will go along with with your blog.” (I’ve gotten that exact post from 3 different screen names.)

Anyway, not surprisingly the post, and several e-mails I’ve gotten, are asking if I plan on making more cartoons.  The short answer is yes.

Unfortunately my tablet laptop exploded, so I’ve been without means to produce cartoons for some time.

No seriously, it exploded, sorta my fault though.  The power switch broke, so I took it apart to fix it, put it back together and must have put one of the screws in the wrong place because when I turned it on there was a flash and a pop from inside, and smoke started pouring out.


The good news is that I’ve been working on different means of producing the graphics by hand and I think I’ve finally found one I’m happy with, so I’m trying to produce something new as we speak.  I’m starting with a nearly finished cartoon I was working on when I lost the laptop. it’s just been sitting unfinished for over two years, mocking me with it’s increasingly outdated pop-culture references.

Once I do that I hope to work on something new.  I’m trying to draw the art by hand and it’s completely nervewracking (where’s the undo button for my india ink!?) but turning out rather nicely so far.

I’m also writing a proper comic book, but I’m keeping pretty quiet on that for the moment.  You’ll hear more about it once it’s closer to completion.

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I just found a retro-styled RPG game on X-Box Live called “Cthulhu Saves the World.”


This is just one of those things that, regardless of whether it is good or bad, is completely review proof.  Not unlike “Plants vs Zombies” based on the name alone, people already know whether they want to buy it or not.


The catch is that “Plants vs Zombies” was actually a surprisingly fun and robust tower defense game.  I don’t know if Cthulhu is nearly as good, but I’ll find out, it was ridiculously cheap, and I had to find out.


Like I said: review-proof.

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Armor panels are the new pockets

A new era in DC Comics has begun!

Or so they say. The short simple version is that DC is performing a huge marketing push, resetting all of their books to #1 and changing many many books entirely. The way they’re presenting it, every single book has been canceled and they’re starting 52 new books all from issue #1.

This is nothing new, it’s just more expansive than usual.

Plenty of people have talked at length about the business and creative ramifications of such a move and I don’t really care to get into that right now. One thing about the whole relaunch jumps out at me as interesting for the most arbitrary reasons:

Most of the DC cast has been redesigned by Jim Lee.

This is exactly what happened back when I first got into comics in the 90s. Jim Lee had redesigned most of the X-Men cast with snazzy new up to date duds, completely different body types and, most importantly, superfluous pockets! Cyclops had a set of Utility Suspenders loaded with pockets which I don’t recall ever seeing him use. Jean Grey had huge pockets on her hips, why? Who knows!?

But this time around, the arbitrary addition to everyone’s costumes are armored panels.

You could argue endlessly on why Superman needs body armor. He’s Superman after all, but of course even no-name thugs seem to have ready access to kryptonite so I can give it a pass. However some of the armor just seems superfluous.

Just like the 90s X-men pockets!

So I am now completely amusing myself by imagining all the unnecessary armor panels as pockets.  Like Batman’s knuckle armor and kneepads and Green Lantern’s plated mask and shoulder armor.

Batman with pockets Green Lantern with pockets

I am so easily amused sometimes.


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When A Show Stumbles

Ahoy, Captain!  Spoilers off the port bow!

When any show (or any form of entertainment media) lasts long enough, it will eventually reach a point where it can’t keep up the momentum and stumbles.  Depending on the show this can be a slight hiccup and it will resume being awesome after a very short time or for other shows it can be a disasterous fall from which it can never recover.  Thing is, it’s always hard to tell what exactly you’re looking at as it happens.

Currently I feel like I’m watching one of these stumbles in Torchwood: Miracle Day.  There’s plenty I’ve enjoyed this season, but I still feel it’s a huge step back from the steadily increasing quality the show has had so far.  I feel season four is pretty much on par with much of the first two seasons.

We’re still one episode away from the show being completed, and it may completely change everything, but at this point I sort of doubt it, and it won’t change the fact that there have been a few total stinker scenes in this season so far.

My biggest problem is that so much of it feels like filler.  The third season did a great job as a five episode serial, and for the fourth it feels they would’ve done better to keep it at five episodes rather than balloon it out to ten for a story that doesn’t really seem to stretch that far.

The show keeps introducing plot points only to forget them two scenes later, and after a while I’m losing my faith that any new points introduced are going to be relevant.

For isntance, the entire storyline of Oswald Danes feels like it has no bearing on the core story.  The main intriguing factor about it has been the question of how it is going to tie in to everything else, but with only one episode to go, it feels like the answer is going to simply be that it doesn’t. The Souless cult has only gotten a single reference after their introduction.  After Angelo spent an entire epsidoe to be setup as a potential big-bad or at least major player, he was simply there to provide the next clue and an “I win” button for Jack to use in the finale.  Esther’s sister has only been there to make the viewer cry, and to give Esther a reason to screw up so we can be happy for her when she gets her act together.  Six episodes setting up Phicorp as the big bad only to have Ernie Hudson show up and say “Nope, not me, I’m as confused as you.”

There’s just so much filler!  I’m still eagerly awaiting the finale to see how the Torchwood gang and their pet rapist can manage to defeat the giant underground stone vagina vaccum armed only with Gwen’s gumption and Jack’s feminine wiles but I really feel like I’m only really just watching to see if another Star Trek alumn will show up out of nowehere.

I mean really, Q heading the CIA is a lot of fun.  It’s always more amusing if you mentally insist that they’re the same characters as they were before.  Just like how River Song used to be an ER doctor at County General.

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